About Us (the downtoearther's)

Three guys originating from Montreal, our similar values have brought us together to launch this brand which aims to offer an alternative to the mainstream, harmful clothing brands that we see on the market today. Together, they invest countless hours in making this project a success.

Introducing this project in early 2020, Jonathan (middle) has since then been working tremendously hard to make this business as big of a success as it can possibly be. He studied at the John Molson School of business in Montreal graduating in Marketing and Finance in April of 2019. Jonathan has worked in digital advertising for a part of the year until investing himself full-time into downtoearth.

Gabriel (right) currently continues his studies at the John Molson School of Business as well, pursuing his degree in Business Technology Management. Following his internships at some of the biggest business firms worldwide, his valuable business knowledge and insights has made him an indispensable asset to the team.

Philip (left) completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Montreal (HEC) in accountancy. Phil's positive life perspective and business acumen has given him his well-deserved place on the DTE team. His experience in content creation has not gone unseen as he will be the lead on all of the downtoearth content.